Why Plastic Surgery Is Not A Vanity Project

There will of course be those exceptions whereby you get a sense that you have just met someone outside of Hollywood. But there you see when you visit such authoritative informational and service-oriented sites like houstonplasticsurgery.net that it is nothing more than a fantastical aberration. Talk to qualified specialists like Dr. Michael Streitmann, MD and you soon learn that plastic surgeons or specialists at large do not play games with people’s lives.

And their bodies too, of course.

The majority of conventional but specialist plastic surgeons are informed by medical ethics and that famous oath that all new medical professionals are rumoured to have taken on their first day of holding consultations with their patients. As far as plastic surgeons go, no one patient is the same. Well, there may be one such patient admitted who has nothing more than her looks in mind. But you see; there could be psychosomatic reasons for that.

Of one thing you can be certain, well-practiced plastic surgeons will at least wish to have access to some form or another of a psychological reporting mechanism. The plastic surgeon feels comfortable in his work in knowing that the female patient’s breast enhancements, for instance, are going to do wonders for elevating her self-esteem and helping her to function and cope well within productive societies.

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Gross physical disfigurements as a result of serious illness or disease, or even a major bout of trauma as a result of an extremely serious, could even be; life-threatening accident, could scar the injured person for life, metaphysically-speaking. The plastic surgeon in residence is bound to reverse that grievous prospect. So it is quite fair to suggest that plastic surgery, as it is known, is certainly no vanity project.